A tender hug for your children's feet THERA S.A. was founded in 1953 and since 1983 specializes in the children's socks and tights area.

 It is housed in its own premises of 1.200 m2 and has 25 employees and 10 associates on a freelance basis. It is equipped with electronic knitting machines and a specialized department of computer design in order to be able to create every six months its integrated exclusive collection as well as the specialized collections of its famous clients.

 Serves 1.200 sales points in Greece - boutiques, stores, super markets - and it exports under its own trademark in Cyprus, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Belgium and U.S.A.

 Participates in four Greek sectoria exhibitions and from 1996 it participates in the exhibition HOSIERY WORKSHOP INTERNATIONAL held in Italy.

 Efficient organization, modern design and the speed at which our company adapts to constant development keep THERA in the first ranks of the Greek market.
 Creative department of our company Knitting department
The pressing department

Advanced technical equipment


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